Literature: Bassabi Kagbara dedicates a new book

Former director of the National Social Security Fund, Bassabi Kagbara, dedicated his new book on January 31, 2024 at the IAEC in Lomé, in front of a large audience and a group of distinguished personalities.

Titled « The Man with Multiple Dimensions, » Bassabi Kagbara reflects on his journey and shares his thoughts, experiences, and encounters that have shaped his life in this autobiographical essay dedicated on January 31, 2024 in Lomé. In this 144-page book published by Awoudy Editions, he describes his childhood in the mountains of Solla, where he was immersed in strong family traditions and values that accompanied him throughout his life.

The first part of the book provides an overview of his personal life, education, and academic and professional journey. Bassabi Kagbara encountered numerous challenges and obstacles throughout his life, but he never gave up on his dreams and always worked hard to achieve his goals.

The second part of the work focuses on his role as the Director-General of the National Social Security Fund. During his tenure, he implemented significant reforms to improve the living and working conditions of workers and retirees. His leadership and vision brought about significant changes in the field of social security.

In the third part, the author addresses his journey as a businessman and his creation of the IAEC (African Institute of Business Studies) and the BK University Group. He shares his reflections on entrepreneurship and the importance of education for economic and social development.

The fourth part of the book highlights his commitment as a trade unionist and social activist. Bassabi Kagbara dedicated a large part of his life to defending workers’ rights and fighting against social inequalities. He testifies to his struggles and victories, while highlighting the challenges he had to face.

Finally, the fifth and final part of the book addresses Bassabi Kagbara’s political life as the founder of the Pan-African Democratic Party (PDP). He recounts the reasons that led him to create this party and the ideals he defends. He also shares his thoughts on African politics and the challenges the continent faces.

« The Man with Multiple Dimensions » is a captivating book that allows readers to better understand the life, journey, and ideas of an exceptional man. Through his personal story, Bassabi Kagbara demonstrates that determination, hard work, and perseverance are the keys to success. It is an inspiring book that reminds us that each of us has the power to achieve great things.

Born in 1942 in the mountains of Solla in the Binah prefecture, Bassabi Kagbara is a high-ranking state official, international civil servant, businessman, trade unionist, social activist, and Togolese politician.



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